Hello, thank you for your question. Wireless presentation can be indeed a bit confusing.
Actually you can cast in and out from different platforms: myViewBoard for Windows, and myViewBoard.com.

You can present your screen from Windows to our online plateforme and from the website to our Windows software.
For that, I may invite you to follow the steps on this webpage : https://wiki.myviewboard.com/Wireless_Presentation
They are also different video tutorials.

But the main steps are :

If you want to send your screen from myViewBoard to Windows to a host:

Enable the casting tool (should turn green) Provide your ViewBoard name to your host The host should be signed-in on our website He should click on Receive a screen, enter his name and the ViewBoard Name (written on myViewBoard for Windows).

If you want to receive a screen on your ViewBoard for Windows, the steps are almost the same. But on the website you click on "Send your screen".

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate.