myViewBoard Community Policies and Guidelines

  • myViewBoard Community Standards strive to create a community where discussions can stay safe and on how to create better, more engaging, and visually stimulating myViewBoard canvases to teach.

    These guidelines are meant to be easy and comprehensive. Any content that might not be considered inappropriate may still be removed for violating a different guideline.

    To enjoy this community to the fullest, make sure to:

    1. Introduce yourself to the group. You complete and personalize your personal profile after signing in.

    Let everyone get to know you.
    a. Share your interests and experiences with others.
    b. Share best practices
    c. Start a meaningful conversation.

    Be Respectful
    a. People have different opinions and ideas and it is completely ok to disagree.
    b. Please follow the Golden Rule - Treat others as you want to be treated.
    c. Do not use abusive or derogatory language to other members. Any harassment or personal attacks will not be tolerated. d. myViewBoard community managers reserve the right to remove and delete any content when content attempts to:

    • Compromise user accounts or gather sensitive information through unauthorized means, like:

    • Gaining access to any account or user data other than your own without explicit permission from the account owner.

    • Encouraging community users or the entity to download or run files or programs that will compromise a user’s online or data security.

    • Acquiring or requesting another user’s login credentials, (e.g. fake surveys designed to capture log-in info or links to fake login pages or impostor websites).

    • Publicly sharing your own or others’ login information on the platform or through a third party service.

    e. Humor and social commentary related to topics it’s allowed. In addition, community users are more responsible when they share this kind of commentary using their authentic identity.

    Your Privacy

    Although this community portal is a closed portal, we recommend not posting anything that is considered personal information.

    a. Please respect other's privacy, do not post, give out, or re-post ANYONE'S personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. This applies to your own information and that of other members.
    b. What is shared within the private community is private unless given explicit consent from the original poster in advance.
    c. Do not post future exam papers or answer sheets where answers are not meant to be widely shared

    d. Do not post Educational and professional certificates, credentials for paid subscription services

    Sharing and Posting Standards

    • Please share, ask or comment on your message only to the most appropriate topic. Do not spam several topics with the same message. Be considerate of the interaction flow.

    • Please be clear about the topic of your comments in the subject line. This allows members to understand appropriately to your posting.

    • Remember to Only send a message to the entire forum when it contains information that can benefit everyone. Going into the chat section can allow you to send personal messages to your community peers.

    Search for Answers before Posting:

    If you have a question or a problem, chances are you were not the first one. Someone else or the admin may have already posted the answer in the community. Below are also great places to find resources that may be helpful:

    Wiki page:
    This is where the most up-to-date tutorials and guides are posted. All the newest features will be posted on our wiki page and updated regularly.

    myViewBoard YouTube Channel:
    All our video tutorials are posted within the YouTube channel by product and function. We will upload periodically new videos with new functions with tips and tricks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't miss anything!

    If you have any question and need to reach out to one of us, please send a message to an Admin or email us at

    Messages posted by members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. Please follow these simple guidelines to make sure anyone who joins our discussion is treated with respect and courtesy.

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