Very much so doing something wrong...

  • I'm feeling like I might lose my mind and I'm sure I am overlooking something incredibly small and simple. I have done the training modules and still have no solution.

    My actual display viewboard and the myviewboard website/app are in no way connected. I can use the board, and I can cast OUT, but absolutely nothing I do on the MyViewBoard software carries over and I can not get the board to receive anything. When I opted for this board the tools the presenter had, and the tools in these videos don't look like the way my board is set up. Can anyone guide me to some more thorough resources I might be able to pinpoint. My IT guy didn't want this board, so he is zero help. Right now it serves as a glorified TV casting my laptop to. Which is lovely, but I had a projector... I'd like to actually use this 🙂

  • @smiller-stvm-com If you are looking for myViewBoard casting in and out, myViewBoard Wiki has detail information about casting in and out. here is the website:
    Hope this help.