Google Login when using Advanced Protection

  • I've only just started using myViewBoard (I'm an IT administrator) and I set my account up on googles Advanced Protection

    When I try and log into myViewBoard using my google account I get the error message

    "Google cannot give this app access to your account data because Advanced Protection is turned on for your Google Account."

    I have emailed the developer email address but thought I would put something here to see if you are able to help.


    Andy Clarkson

  • Hi Andy,

    Yeah that’s right. You cannot use a Google account with Advanced Protection turned on to log into myViewBoard.
    Googles Advanced Protection blocks third-party apps such as myViewBoard. Only Google apps and very few other third-party apps can access your Google account. Unfortunately, there is no way to whitelist myViewBoard.
    So, what you can do is:

    1. Turn off Advanced Protection, or
    2. Lower down the security level from Advanced Protection to 2-Step-Verification.
    3. Use your email address to sign in.

    Thanks and best regards,