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    Absolutely, I have tried each of your four different platforms and love how they connect to an online storage site of choice. But with the current setup, Windows doesn't talk to Android (without changing the file type), Windows doesn't talk to Classroom, Windows doesn't talk to Whiteboard, Android doesn't talk to Classroom or Whiteboard, and Classroom and Whiteboard don't talk to each other.

    Each program has its own benefits, but they all have limitations. My school supplies me with a Mac to take home, I have a desktop PC, a slot PC on the Viewboard(my primary), a Viewboard with a Chromebox(second classroom), and a SmartBoard in my second classroom. I can't work on setting up a canvas at home because your ecosystem doesn't talk to itself. I can upload my SmartBoard files with minor changes, but I like to come to class prepared and I can't with the current setup of the ecosystem within Viewboard.

    If it is as simple as setting the file type to .iwb, why isn't that the default? Or does the .iwb remove certain advantages that .vBoard has?

    -Brian Greenlaw

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    This is a great feedback, please stay tune for further information.

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    Hi Brian:
    I am the product director of myViewBoard Ecosystem. I truly understand your difficulties and feel your pain. We are currently working on a brand new file format which will cross Whiteboard for Windows, Whiteboard for Android and Classroom one by one. Also, we will release the new file format before Q2 2021.

    Whiteboard for Windows will adopt the new file format first, Whiteboard for Android will be the second, and then Classroom will be the last. Also, Whiteboard for Windows will fully support the new file format, but Whiteboard for Android and Classroom will partially support the new file format. After we switch to use the new file format, all these three products can still open their existing file.

    The reason why we did not use .iwb as the default file format of Whiteboard for Windows is that .iwb is a very old file format. It does not support any advanced feature we implemented into Whiteboard for Windows. Therefore, we had to define and implement another file format for Whiteboard for Windows.

  • @frank-chu-tw-viewsonic-com This is very important information. We are thinking of purchasing a large number of Viewsonic whiteboards and the lack of interoperability between the software versions is seen as a significant issue. Do you have any information on the limitations. What features in each version will not work in the other versions.

  • Sorry to post this as a to an open question but I don't seem to be able to post a new question or new topic in the general discussion. I've had a Myviewboard account for a long time but haven't used the community before. I seem to have an account but nowhere can I see new post button

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    Hello, thank you for the feedback.
    We are aware of the situation, it is under repair.

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    Hi, Thank you for the feedback and should be fixed now. You can try posting it 🙂

  • First time using whiteboard. Like the infinite whiteboard. But was left scratching my head why files saved in Windows (vboard) cannot be seen and opened in Android. Spent so much time doing my file in Windows for a presentation on tablet and was left speechless when I realised these don't "talked" to each other.

  • Hi @angjojit-gmail-com Thank you for the feedback.
    We're gonna bring you a good news. We will make them "talk" to each other in September by adding a new file format. It will be announced soon. We hope you enjoy it!
    Stay tuned!

  • thank you

  • I made .vboard files on my Windows laptop, and was not able to open them in the Whiteboard app on my ViewSonic interactive display. Why is that?

    I saved the files to my OneDrive, and was able to open the folders in my display board, but the .vboard files did not show up at all.

  • thanks you