• Hello there

    Sometimes, when i started a board, nobody is able to join the board

    the following message appeares:

    Warning !
    Teacher has not started the class, so you can't login yet


  • Hi Manuel,

    okay, so there are two different applications:

    1. myViewBoard
    2. myViewBoard Virtual Classroom

    And they use two different URLs:

    1. https://myviewboard.com/host <-- This is myViewBoard
    2. https://myviewboard.com/vhost <-- This is myViewBoard Virtual Classroom

    Now let's talk about students. If they want to join, they also need to use the correct URL.

    1. https://myviewboard.com/join <-- Students use this to join myViewBoard.
    2. https://myviewboard.com/vjoin <-- Students use this to join myViewBoard Virtual Classroom.

    So you can decide what application you want to use and your students need to make sure to use the corresponding URL to join.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Best Regards, Martin