Virtual Viewboard on in person classroom viewboard

  • Hi Everyone

    Is there a way to use the virtual white board on my Viewboard in my classroom. For example: if a student or multiple students are sick, can they log in to my whiteboard session I am running from myViewboard in my classroom at school?



  • Hi Warren !

    Thank you for your question!
    The way I understand it, is that you want to share your screen to sick students at home ? Is it correct ?
    If so, I will recommend you first to use myViewBoard for Windows.
    Then you have several options to share your screen :

    • The student can receive your screen on his computer
      For this, te student needs to be signed in to, and then click "Receive a ViewBoard on your Screen" icon. You will need to cast you screen within myViewBoard for Windows. For this, click the cast icon, and your student's name will appear, click on it and his name will turn green. And he'll receive your screen directly.

    More info here :

    • Do a LiveStream
      Within myViewBoard for Windows, you also can broadcast your screen on YouTube or Facebook. With privacy settings, it's possible to deliver access only to your students.

    More info here :

    • Sharing a myViewBoard session with messaging app
      With this, share your screen to your students, via other app such as Skype, Zoom etc ...

    More info here :

    Hope this helps. if you need more details, please let me know.
    Have a nice day !

  • @juliette-forest-tw-viewsonic-com Hi Juliette

    Thank you for the response. I have been playing with the myViewboard classroom app, for hybrid teaching, from the online version. In that version, students can join the session and be placed into groups, etc.

    Can that Classroom version be used while I am at my Viewboard in my physical classroom or is it only for virtual classrooms?

  • Hi Warren,
    Yes ClassRoom could be used during your physical classroom as well.
    As I can imagine, it will be a great solutions for tour students to have a ChromeBook, a tablet, or a smartphone with a quite large screen. Like that, your students can still work in these "Huddle" groupe. This allows you to teach students in the same classroom as yours and the ones at home.

    Do you know our Digital Whiteboard online solution ? This is almost the same as ClassRoom, beside the fact that there is no microphone or camera integrated. Maybe this would be the better choice if you only teacher students in the same room, and if there is no distance learning.

    Have a nice day !