How do we turn off the Marker Options popup from automatically showing?

  • We've just had our new whiteboard and it is incredibly frustrating to use to the point where team members are already refusing to use it!

    Whenever we are writing on the board the Marker Options popup keeps showing... this was clearly designed so that you can hold the marker on the screen to show the popup but for us it is extremely annoying and makes the board pretty much unusable!

    How can we disable this so that it only shows when we actually select the option by clicking the button rather than when the software "thinks" that we want to access it!

    I really hope that there is a simple solution to this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  • The popup should only appear whenever a "tap and hold" or "right-click" action is triggered. The setting for configuring the right-click delay differs depending on the OS.

    If you're on Windows 10, can you try accessing the following and set the Right-click mode activation setting to a longer delay?

    ●⠀Control Panel
    ┣ ⠀Tablet PC Settings
    ┣ ⠀Other
    ┣ ⠀Pen and touch
    ┣ ⠀Touch
    ┣ ⠀Press and Hold
    ┣ ⠀Settings
    ┗ ⠀Right-click mode activation

    For Android, see the following help entry:

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Hi:
    We are improving its UX right now. We will give you an update after we finish it.

    Thank you