Only 2 students allowed to receive my Viewboard screen at a time?

  • We have FINALLY figured out how to get students to view what I (as the teacher) am doing on my whiteboard... they created accounts with MyViewBoard and clicked on "receive a viewboard on your screen" and NOW my board will only allow 2 viewers at a time.... how do I only have 2 viewers when we have premium accounts... this is not helpful for remote learning unless your class size is 2.

  • Hi Emily,

    Thank you for the posting question about myViewBoard Whiteboard. About your question on the number of the users for "cast out" and yes, the maximum is 2 for Premium tiers.
    For the purpose of hybrid teaching with students in the classroom and also participants remotely, myViewBoard Classroom is best designed for this user case. Please visit our wiki for more information

    myViewBoard Support Team

  • myViewboard Classroom is a weaker platform and does not readily share files with the myViewboard for Android that is built in. Trying to build a page online has been extremely frustrating. Any suggestions?

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  • @brian-greenlaw-msad59-org
    Web browsers work well in video/audio streaming and file sharing just like Youtube, Facebook etc. Based on this, myViewBoard Classroom is web based and specifically for remote/distance learning.
    To have files for cross platform between myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android and myViewBoard Classroom, you can export it to PDF or other image file formats (PNG, SVG, JPEG).

  • Why have two different platforms? This makes it cumbersome. Further, it truly takes away functionality for a group of people who are already stressed. As one of the more tech-savvy people in my district it makes this machine nothing more than a glorified TV. Simply put the files should be accessible from the cloud for both platforms.

  • @michaelangelo-wu-tw-viewsonic-com
    I've scoured the internet for training and there is a serious lack of options. I've attempted the Wiki and YouTube, but as a school district with Mac (teachers) and Chromebooks (students), there is little there that helps. I primarily see window's based learning and that is not relevant.

  • On the Wiki page, click myViewBoard Classroom and find detail description from teacher and student perspective.

    There is also the "Made Easy" tutorial videos which talk about how to start myViewBoard Classroom, integration with Google Classroom, record video and upload to cloud drive etc.
    Click here

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  • Well, i think this is a very good point. And you should not sacrifice the functionality of sharing the whiteboard, in favor of introducing the classroom solution. After all, more or less everyone nowadays uses allready a classroom solution. Moreover sometimes we can't have the option of the classroom environment we use! it is decided in upper levels of administration.
    But hear me out: if myviewboard - whiteboard could be used for sharing to all syudents of a class, including mic transmition, it would be the killer application of the kind! Could totally knock out the competition.
    And it's only a matter of time, someone will do it. Why Not You?
    Now it must be cobined with platforms as webex, zoom, meet, teams e.t.c.
    Consider this?

  • Hi @c-panteliadis-gmail-com Thank you for the precious feedback. We really appreciate it.
    And Yes, we are planning to do it. We will not sacrifice this functionality.
    The reason of "this feature can not be happened right now" is due to technical issue. Currently, we do not have the technique to implement it.
    Once we are ready, we will announce it.
    Thank you for using myViewBoard so much!