• Can you share why with Viewboard Classroom the students in my actual school building cannot see my picture, but the students I have learning at home can see my picture when I use the camera feature. There are just red wavy lines when I try to use it in the building.

  • @wheeler-cathedral-school-net said in Viewboard Classroom:

    Hi Wheeler,

    May I know the devices for students in actual school building and at home?
    What kind of devices were they using? iPad? Chrome? Or something else?

    The target platforms for Classroom are ChromeOS, iPadOS, Windows 10, and MacOS, due to Android and iOS hardware and software limitations. Screen Size's above 10" are essential for the UX/UI that is being presented.

    And we recoomend "New Edge" and "Chrome" for laptop (including Mac user).
    As for students who use iPad, we recommend to use "Safari"

    And for iPad, students are required to click on the red wavy lines to make teacher's video appear.
    Because of the limitation of iPad, it can only display either teacher's video or Youtube video on student side.

    Thank you,

  • Yes, the students are using Lenovo Chromebooks. I have not tried having them click on the wavy lines. The students at home have the same types of devices as we gave them a device to take home.

  • For Chromebook, there is no need to click wavy lines.
    This might be internet issue, since too many students were using internet in the actual school building.
    The workaround might be ask some of them using their own internet hot spot instead.

    Thank you,