• Is there anyway to get MyViewBoard for Android to talk to MyViewBoard.com/Classroom. The editing tools for Android clearly work better than Classroom.

  • @brian-greenlaw-msad59-org
    Hello, Could you elaborate more about the "editing tool" in Android?

  • For Android: The stylus works using both ends, the shapes include vectors / 3D, annotating function works smoothly. But pdf load grainy. Can only screen share on the same (sub)network.

    For Whiteboard: The stylus works only if you choose it on the menu and then it works only on the white end. Your finger is just as responsive. Google Files open easily and cleanly (Great function - should be used on all platforms). But pdf files are not loading. Annotating function work most of the time. Shapes only include 2D. Can only screen share with two students

    Classroom: the stylus works only if you choose it on the menu and then it works only on the white end. Google Files not an option and shapes only include 2D. The annotating tool works awful. It consistently glitches. Numbers and letters do not come out smooth. Can screen share with the entire class, but other functions make it not worth it. Pdf works best on this platform.

    The perfect combo:

    1. Stylus works as designed for Android
    2. Annotating works like it does with Android
    3. Shapes include vectors / 3d like Android
    4. Google Files load like Whiteboard (MyViewBoard.com)
    5. Pdf files to load and stay clean in looks like Classroom
    6. Screen share like Vcast but to outside of the network, or similar to Android except open it up to a whole class.
    7. Saving online like all three platforms.

    I have had this board for two weeks. I have worked hard to incorporate it into my curriculum. I need the ability to plan outside of the school. Our district bought sixty IFPs and since the platforms don't speak to each other I can't plan at home. Further, I and another teacher, has been teaching the staff on how to use their boards.

    Sorry for the length of this email/comment, but I need this to work and have appreciated your responses.

  • One last thing. If the list above do-able, could you at least have the three platforms "talk" to each other? That alone would help with planning in an educational setting.

  • @brian-greenlaw-msad59-org
    Appreciate your feedback which are very useful and yes we are planning on designing a unified whiteboard file format to make it cross platforms.