some suggestions for MyViewBoard Classroom

  • Dear MyViewBoard Team,

    I am a teacher in New York City. I have tried many different interactive whiteboards and I can honestly say that MyViewBoard Classroom is the best interactive whiteboard that I have found for remote teaching of my students. Thank you for creating such a great product!

    I would like to offer some feedback and suggestions, which I hope would make MyViewBoard Classroom better and easier to use by both students and teachers:

    1. On the "Join the Session" page (, in the box for guest users to enter their name, perhaps you can change "User Name" to "Your Name"... This is to hopefully prevent confusion for students who do not have an account, because they might think that they need to create their own account first in order to sign in. (I had a few students who said that they don't know their "username" or that they did not have a "username", when in fact they only need to put in their own first name.)

    2. Background management button: after clicking on this button to insert backgrounds, perhaps you can move the last three choices (Image Search, Google Drive, Color) to the top of the list, before "Math, Science, etc...". Although I deeply appreciate that you have provided so many wonderful choices for backgrounds, I believe that most teachers will probably be using their own pre-made images (worksheets/slides) as backgrounds for their own lessons. Therefore, it would be more convenient for Color, Google Drive, and Image Search to be the first three choices in the background management menu.

    3. When applying background images, it would be great to have the option for one image to be applied to all huddle groups for the current canvas. Currently, when adding a background image, the only choices are to "apply to this huddle group" (for all canvases) or "apply to this page" (for only the teacher's current canvas or only one huddle group's current canvas). I believe having the option to "apply to all huddle groups for the current canvas" (or even better, having the option to "apply to the selected huddle groups for the current canvas") will be extremely useful for teachers. When teachers are teaching a skill on the current canvas, they usually want most/all students to practice the same skill, so they would usually like for the students to see the same background image. Currently, teachers have to insert the same background image for each huddle group separately (on the current canvas), but this is very time-consuming.

    4. For huddles, when there is only one student in each huddle (that is, when students are not grouped in any huddles, when students are working by themselves), it would be great to have the option to see onlythe students' names instead of Group 1, Group 2, etc.

    5. When students first join a session, are they randomly placed into a huddle? It would be great if the first student to join the session is placed into Group 1, and the second student to join is placed into Group 2, etc.

    6. It would be great to have the option to disable and enable the public chat and the group chats, to prevent students from posting inappropriate messages during the lesson.

    THANK YOU again for all your hard work on such a wonderful tool, I really love using MyViewBoard Classroom and I hope these suggestions will help other fellow teachers as well as students! (Thank you for reading and for your consideration!)


    Peter Wang

  • Hello Mr. Wang,
    I am the PM of myViewboard Classroom and just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review and sharing your review with us and the community. We value your feedback and will use for future improvement, and please see my responses as following:

    1. Join a session page: We will take your suggestion to change "User Name" to "Your Name". The update will be included in the October release.
    2. Background image: To move the last three choices (Image Search, Google Drive, Color) to the top of the list. It is a great suggestion, I will put it in our product backlog while we are developing the new UI implementation.
    3. Background image: I will add this into our improvement plan to add the options to allow teachers to apply background images to all huddle groups for the current canvas or for all pages.
    4. Huddle name/Student name: We have the features in the 2021 pipeline that allows the teacher to update the huddle's and student's name.
    5. Huddle assignment: In the current design, the logic of the huddle assignment is to put students to the groups with fewer students. However, we are planning to let the student have the possibility to choose which group they join.
    6. Chat permission control: This is an important improvement that I have put into the product backlog and it will be released by end of this year.
      Again, I would like to thank our awesome customers like you for your amazing support and feedback! You rock!

  • Hi Ms. Lo,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post as well as taking my feedback into consideration! I have a couple more points to add, if you don't mind:

    1. When students are already in "huddle mode" (i.e. when they are working on their own copy of the current canvas) and their pens have already been turned "on" by the teacher, if a new student joins the session then the pen is automatically turned off for all huddles by this action. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this is indeed how it should work, but I don't believe students' pens should be turned off simply by a new student joining the session (this unnecessarily interrupts the students' work, and the teacher would have to turn the pen back on). This is a small point, but I noticed this when some students have connection problems and they have to constantly rejoin the session when they lose connection...

    2. Would it be possible to give teachers the option to allow students to move images/shapes/text created by the teacher? Currently, students are only allowed to select and move images/shapes/text that students themselves create. However, teachers may want students to move pre-planned images/shapes/text as part of their lesson – for example, students have to fill in the blanks of a sentence using the teacher's list of words, and the teacher wants students to move the text into the blanks instead of having students type in the blanks (moving the words is easier than typing, especially for younger students)...

    Thank you again!


  • Hi Mr. Wang,
    Thank you for your feedback again. Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our user experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on. So, I appreciate you taking the time to send us this helpful response.
    For issue #7 you mentioned above, we have just released a new version(2.7.4) on 10/12, and would you mind testing on our latest version? I believe the issue is fixed. Let me know if you still encounter the problem.
    For students' network connection issues, could you please provide me more details? like what network and devices they are connecting, also in what user scenario? Additionally, we optimized the mechanism of reconnections on the latest version as well. It might solve their issues.

    For issue #8, we totally understand the need and have put this into our product roadmap.

    As a solution provider, we would like to listen to your voice, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

    Yours sincerely,

  • I have an additional request, and I'm not sure if this is the best place. When teaching, I use a black background. I would like to be able to edit the 3 set pen colors from black, blue and red to white, yellow, and green or something else that works on black. It would be great if we could change those 3 quick pen colors to our 3 choices.

    Thanks for your time.

  • @sitnikj-monsonschools-com

    Thank you for the feedback.
    Did you know that..... If you would like to use colors other than those three, you can double click the pen tool.
    However, the feature "allow user to change the set of 3 colors" is currently not in our road map.