Getting "400 admin_policy_enforced" Authorization Error in User Sync with GSuite

  • After sign in to -> Entity Management -> Users, IT admin can sync user by click "User Sync" button


    This "400 admin_policy_enforced" Authorization Error in occurred right after and shows this


    As you can see this from the URL which is "", this error is prompt from Google. This is due to security setting in GSuite Admin which blocks 3rd party Apps accessing via API. To solve this, here are the steps:

    1. Sign in to using super admin role
    2. Click Security -> API Control -> Manage Third Party App Access


    Click Configure new app -> OAuath Ap Name Or Client ID


    Enter "myviewboard" and click Search button. Then click Select button to choose myViewBoard


    Select the right "client ID" for myViewBoard. Make sure you choose this one "11040883588-7b15f2fvpme4udh". Click Select


    Find App Name with "myViewBoard" and ID with "11040883588-7b15f2fvpme4udh". Click Change Access


    Select "Trusted: Can access all Google services" and click Change


    Now, you are able to Sync User by signing in to -> Entity Management -> Users -> User Sync with GSuite

    For more information, you can find it here