Pushing out update with system center

  • I've never had success pushing out updates with system center. When I send the installer since the MSI Product code is the same regardles of version, it either thinks it's already there or just doesn't install and instantly reports a succesful installation. I have had no luck uninstalling previoius versions either. It goes on fine to a newly imaged machine. With a monthly update and over 100 machines visiting each individually is not at all a practical solution. Removing and installing the new version also creates another hassle with activation. Has anyone had success pushing out updates? What's the secret sauce?


  • Hello Adam,

    Thank you for the question.
    Could you please try to remove and install the new version using this command :

    This should solve the activation issue.

    Thank you,

  • Is there a perferred method / tool to remove the old version using sccm? I have a few different versions throughout the district and need to streamline the process as these updates are frequent. We have been using that command to install but we seem to have to connect and accept them via the emails in order to activate.

  • @agreiner-marcellusschools-org
    There is a way to bypass the email activation during the installation.
    From the command line please have myviewboard@domain-name for the email variable. As an example:
    msiexec /qn /i $[MSI_PATH] PURPOSE="Education" ORGANIZATION="Registered School Name"
    EMAIL= "myviewboard@your-school-domain"

  • @agreiner-marcellusschools-org

    Hi Adam, Could you provide the follow information:

    1. what is the myViewBoard version that you have installed before? (ex: 2.34, 2.35?) and what is the file name and the product code of the MSI?
    2. what is file name of the MSI that you plan to upgrade?


  • In one instance, I have MSI Code from the installer is {139ADF11-A9BD-4128-9518-0E2B6A9E495F}

    Going to with product code from installer: {139ADF11-A9BD-4128-9518-0E2B6A9E495F}

    My problem is that the product code does not change with different versions.. I could pull any old installer and find the identical product code.

  • @agreiner-marcellusschools-org

    Well noted and myViewBoard Support team will research out to you by email.
    Thank you for your time.