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    The What's New for November 2020 blog entry is up. A quick summary of everything new:

    For “Poll/Quiz”:

    • Voting results page shows the option with the most votes as the top result.
    • Option to reset questions so they can be reused.
    • Exported .CSV file includes the total time spent to answer a question.

    Cast, Pop Quiz and Throw:

    • “Cast Out” feature now captures and sends system audio as well.
    • Button to show the portal QR code from the “Pop Quiz” window.
    • Reset button on the Throw window to start a new Throw session.
    • Support for throwing (sharing) a web page URL to an active session.

    Other improvements:

    • Enhanced file compatibility for .SVG files.
    • Zoom clients remain active even after host signs out.
    • Added Spanish support for the “Live Caption” feature.
    • Time strings now follow the 24-hour clock format.
    • Date formats vary depending on the language selected.
    • For Android: New option to import individual pages from a .PDF file.

    Read more here. This post is also available in: 繁體中文.