• You accidentally knock over the glass and spill some water. You grab a paper towel and put it over the puddle. The water immediately soaks into the paper towel and the counter is dry.
    You've just used capillary action to clean up your mess!
    What is Capillary Action?
    A collection of myViewboard Originals Backgrounds- Experiment Worksheets and the templates of Capillary Action Experiment that you can download and edit for use in Hybrid Teaching/ Learning Science classes.

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    myViewBoard Originals- Capillary Action activities design based on the following learning objectives
    🎯 for teachers to let students practice and participate in the class after they learned:

    • Understand the differences between cohesive and adhesive forces.
    • Understand how the combination of adhesive and cohesive forces causes water to rise in a thin tube (capillary action).
    • How capillary action is used in the real life.

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