How long will QR available when it created?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have 3 main questions about myViewBoard functions. Could you guys please help me find the answers?

    1/ How long will QR code available when it created?

    • If QR code is saved in somewhere, how could we find the folder or the way to get it back when we close it suddenly or something else?
    • If QR code is in temp memory when it created, how long will it available when we close QR code tab or even exit the application.

    2/ Why are our strokes always stay in front of pictures and could not modify or layer it?


  • @duc-ho-ducphap-vn You can only use the QR code function when integrated with your cloud account

  • @duc-ho-ducphap-vn

    1. If you were trying to share canvas through QR code, it is required to bind cloud service in advance. And the canvas will be exproted as PDF file and saved in the default cloud service.
      /myviewboard/QR share

    2. Yes, it is true, the stroke will be on top layer.

  • @alice-chou-tw-viewsonic-com

    1. Thank you, Alice Chou. I just found the answer by myself a day ago.
    2. Alright, thank you once again 😄