• Is there a way to customize the toolbar? There are a lot of icons that I don't use and they just add to the clutter on the tool bar. (I never use Paste from the clipboard, open the embedded browser, drawing shapes or text when I am presenting). Also, rather than having two toolbars, can they be adjusted into one?

    I would also like the ability to switch between different pen styles easily. I would like the pen tip to be able to be saved as one type of marker, the back of the pen to be a different style marker, and my finger to be another different style marker. I feel as if I spend a lot of time teaching just flipping through all of the options and finding the tool I need. Being able to customize the toolbar could be a huge time saver.

  • @schultzda-westerville-k12-oh-us

    Hi! Thank you for choosing myViewBoard, your digital whiteboard.

    First of all, may I know a few things to understand about your teaching scenario:

    • what level is your student? which level of k-12 or higher education?
    • Are you looking for ways of distance learning to do a live streaming teaching or pre-recorded? is it a hybrid classroom?
    • How's your network connection stability and also the student side?

    In your previous post, they are all really good feedback.

    1. Customizable Toolbar - After checked with PM of Whiteboard for Windows, this item is currently not in our road map. However, we will take this into consideration and make evaluation.

    2. Different pen settings - With ViewSonic ViewBoard, this request can be done really easily.
      With ViewSonic ViewBoard 50-2 series, you will have thick pen (or users can use finger as well) and thin pen with different colors and thickness.

    Thank you,

  • Thanks for your guidance. It will be helpful with my problem.
    geometry dash meltdown