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    myViewBoard browser extension
    The extension for Google Chrome now includes a marker pen feature, enabling quick annotation of any web content (so excluding Chrome settings pages) in the browser.

    Video Player


    We’ve also implemented reCAPTCHA v3 for security, and removed the change password function (for this users will have to go to myviewboard.com).

    Whiteboard for Windows
    New Feature: new users will now be greeted with a helpful background image showing where the main toolbars and features are.

    The new Whiteboard login screen shows a ViewSonic ViewBoard with Page, pen, import content, and sign in icons annotated. There is also a QR code for the Companion app.
    When opening Whiteboard for Windows for the first time.

    New Feature: export one or more objects simultaneously as a PNG image file. Select the desired objects, then click the cloud icon in the adorning menu and save. You can also export via the file management icon in the main toolbar, which supports more file formats. These methods don’t include interactive elements like sticky notes, widgets – and of course, videos!

    New Feature: Pop Quiz results are now saved with individual folders for each respondent. The folder for the Pop Quiz is saved and named according to the date and time.

    Pop Quiz in Whiteboard (above), and the folder as it appears in cloud storage once saved (in this example, Google Drive).
    Pop Quiz in Whiteboard (above), and the folder as it appears in cloud storage once saved (in this example, Google Drive).
    Improvements: we’ve updated the language for non-English versions, fixed many bugs, and reduced crashes. In the sign-in window, the QR code will only appear once a server connection has been established. We’re also working on a new mode that will allow even greater participation – more to follow on that!

    Whiteboard for Android
    We’ve made the eraser much more intuitive to use by enabling the palm eraser function even when the pen tool is not selected. How does this work? Supported touchscreen devices such as ViewBoards recognize your palm touch as an eraser input. Give it a try!

    We’ve also improved the Text Editor usability, added support for more languages (click the gear icon to configure), added a mathematical compass tool, fixed issues with screenshots when video plays, improved the embedded browser to support SVG and GIF files, and implemented various stability updates.

    New Feature: admins can name and rename input sources.

    Improvements: if an urgent message is broadcasted, it will override any standard messages and prevent any other broadcasts. We’ve also improved the filters available in Action logs.

    Entity Management
    Improvement: the template for importing lists of users has been changed to the more common CSV format.

    New Feature: users have greater customization options for the pen and text styles for Whiteboard for Windows and Android – configure these settings in FollowMe settings after logging in.

    Azure AD support: myViewBoard has been certified and added into the Azure AD app gallery – myViewBoard entity admins can manage and grant single sign-on (SSO) for myViewBoard through the Azure AD app gallery.

    myViewBoard Clips
    Clips is myViewBoard’s repository of approved educational clips, accessible online and from Whiteboard and Classroom.

    When users create playlists of videos, they can now choose to share them by email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We’ve also improved the filters for search and made search results more relevant.

    Screenshot showing the myViewBoard Clips website interface. There are filters for discipline, subject, age rang, and keyword.
    Improved search and better filters for Clips in the February update.
    myViewBoard Display
    Display allows wireless sharing of screens (including audio and visual feeds). We’ve improved stability and fixed a loading screen error for Display for Android, and fixed an issue that was causing the volume to change for Display for Whiteboard.

    Big things coming soon for Classroom!
    Next month will see a major update to our browser-based lesson platform, Classroom. A lot of work has been done to improve the user interface (UI) and add more features. For example, teachers will now be able to access a student dashboard view to manage their students more easily, and will have more tools to see if their students are engaged with the lesson.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and as always please reach out to our community or support if you spot something we can improve – it really helps the myViewBoard experience improve for everyone. We also have wiki guides available here.

    Have a fantastic February.