Remove the limit of 15 slides/pages when importing a PDF + Scale to Fit when importing

  • Hello,

    This concerns myViewBoard Android (on a ViewSonic panel).

    1. Could you please remove the limit of 15 pages or slides when importing a PDF onto a whiteboard. We use regularly the system for teaching and the limit is a negative user experience that can be fixed very easily.

    Additional idea: add a "Import all" button. That would be great.

    I believe it wasn't there on the first version that I had but came with a subsequent update.

    1. When importing a page, could you make it so the page scales to fit the screen size.

    When importing multiple pages, I'd like it so it scales to fit, or at least, be able to activate a Scale to Fit in option menu, so the imported pages from PDF fits the size of the screen, and does not require manually zooming in, which takes a large amount of time when preparing the board for lessons.

    Here is a video to illustrate the problem:

  • @dboris-gmail-com hi i a new to myviewbord can you give me tips.

  • Hi @dboris-gmail-com
    Thank you for preparing the video to illustrate the problem clearly.

    I am the product manager of "myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android". Allow me to explain here:

    1. About the limit of 15 pages on "myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android":
    • It is a memory constraint. We can not solve it right now but keep trying to.
    1. About the "Import all" button:
    • This idea sounds good. We will put it for our future improvement and might add something practical to surprise everyone. Stay in touch!
    1. About "Scale to Fit when importing":
    • For providing a better experience for everyone, we set it to be seen all at one time. The default will be the same as usual. But we can add a button/setting to allow to set it to fit the screen size. Keep tracking this.

    Any feedback is great. We appreciate it. Thank you for the suggestions again.