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    What’s new this month? As always, we’ve been hard at work updating the myViewBoard Ecosystem, and working on new features. We appreciate all the great feedback we get from our users – you can help us to improve the experience for everyone via myViewBoard support.

    This month, Classroom has received so many updates it’s got a dedicated post – have a look here.

    👉 Whiteboard
    Participate mode is available for the Windows version of Whiteboard now! This splits the screen into up to six separate whiteboards – great for side-by-side, live collaboration.
    alt text
    Update for Whiteboard: participate mode in Whiteboard allows up to 6 side by side mini-whiteboards for collaboration
    Participate mode allows up to 6 side by side mini whiteboards for collaboration
    Live Captions are now available in French! Live captions are great for helping your audience understand your message when using Whiteboard as a presentation aid. This is a feature available on the Windows version of Whiteboard, and is available for entity account types (offered for free to educational institutions – contact us to join).

    A digital ruler is now available for Whiteboard (new for Android devices). This can be a great teaching aid, especially when combined with the existing compass tool. Access it from the Magic Box, located in the main toolbar.
    alt text
    Android version of Whiteboard now has a ruler tool as an education and learning aid
    Whiteboard now has a ruler tool on Android devices
    Other improvements include being able to resend or reenter the email address for receiving the activation email, right from the settings window, as well as various UI and design improvements, and many bug fixes relating to cloud storage, Chromebook compatibility, and more.

    👉 myViewBoard Display
    Display is the answer to the problem “how do I share my device screen, without wires, and across platforms?” It runs on Android or Windows, supports sharing audio and video, and is password-protected.

    Display for Windows now supports both English and Traditional Chinese! Change language with the button in the top left of the screen.

    We’ve also squashed many bugs for display issues, connection errors, a disappearing Windows taskbar, network and sound issues (Android version), and over the air updates (Android version).

    • Download myViewBoard Display here, or search the Google Play store.

    👉 Entity Management
    Entity Admins can access the Entity Management console to manage myViewBoard users and instances of Whiteboard that are installed.

    Whiteboard names can now be edited from All Instances within Entity Management. This can make it much easier to keep track of your entity’s myViewBoard software. We’ve also made it easier to use groups and templates to organize your software instances in Entity Management.

    👉 myViewBoard Extension
    In case you missed it (easy to do, as there’s been a lot of updates recently!) myViewBoard offers a free Chrome extension which allows quick sharing of your screen and receiving other screens, a remote control for Whiteboard, and a marker pen for drawing over webpages, plus other features. Check out last month’s blog for more info. This also works on most Chromium browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

    This month, we’ve improved the UI and fixed bugs that appeared on touchscreen devices when using the extension.

    👉 Manager
    myViewBoard Manager is another tool available only for Entity Admins, which allows easy management of hardware such as ViewSonic ViewBoards/Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs).

    This month, we’ve fixed bugs relating to the Wi-Fi strength indicator disappearing, device info issues, and dashboard statistics.

    👉 Companion App
    The Companion App includes a remote control and a easy sign in and out for Whiteboard (done via QR code, so no one will see your email and password on the whiteboard itself). It also has support for Throw, Pop Quiz, and Poll/Quiz.

    The Companion app now supports Portuguese! 🇵🇹 🇧🇷 🇦🇴 🇲🇿 🇬🇼 🇹🇱 🇬🇶 🇨🇻 🇲🇴 🇸🇹

    • Download the Companion App from Google Play and the App Store, or read more here.

    That’s it for this update! Don’t forget to read about Classroom 3.0 – our no-download necessary, easy to use remote learning lesson platform. Have a great March.