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    This month’s releases come later than usual due to national holidays. Nonetheless, we’ve been hard at work improving the myViewBoard Ecosystem!

    We are growing!
    myViewBoard recently passed the 3 million user milestone! We are truly a global ecosystem with users in more than 130 countries (and growing). A sincere thank you to all who have joined so far and helped to shape our growing ecosystem. Here’s to learning.

    ❖ ❖ ❖
    The floating and main toolbars in Whiteboard (Windows version) have been reorganized slightly for a more intuitive user experience. The embedded browser icon is now in the main toolbar, while all icons relating to pages (navigate pages, create a new page, and page overview) are all in the floating toolbar now.

    Whiteboard toolbars have been rearranged slightly
    Embedded browser and page management have now swapped places
    Last month we introduced Participate mode for side-by-side collaboration on one whiteboard. This month we’ve added to this with the introduction of Tabletop layout. If you want to use Whiteboard horizontally (like a desk, instead of a vertically-oriented whiteboard), you can still use Participate mode, and simply switch to Tabletop layout. This inverts the top row of mini-whiteboards so that users gathered around the whiteboard can more easily collaborate.

    Tip: for ViewSonic ViewBoards, we offer stands and trolleys with motorized tilt and height adjustments. These can be very useful for users with unique accessibility requirements.

    ❖ ❖ ❖
    We’ve been building and testing features related to subscriptions. myViewBoard is offering additional add-ons to the standard myViewBoard experience such as Clips (for educational, curated videos) and Manager (to manage fleets of hardware). You can read more about how myViewBoard can be tailored to your needs here.

    Bug fixes – most notably, we fixed an issue that was causing the myViewBoard Clips link to be unavailable to users when it should have been.

    ❖ ❖ ❖
    Interactive Quizzes! Students can watch videos and take interactive quizzes simultaneously, as part of Video-Assisted Learning (VAL). Teachers can create their own quiz content or use quizzes shared by other teachers. Question formats include multiple choice, true or false, and open ended questions. Different versions of a quiz can be saved for different classes, and teachers can see their students’ results and grades.

    myViewBoard Clips new Quiz feature
    myViewBoard Clips new quiz feature
    Teachers using Clips from myviewboard.com can use this feature now to create quizzes. Sharing quizzes with students via Classroom will be available from May.

    ❖ ❖ ❖
    Introduced “Job” functions, with an automated scheduler. Create, edit, and schedule jobs such as:

    update firmware
    power on/off
    change volume
    change input
    broadcast message
    send files
    install apps
    Custom jobs can be created and assigned to individual or groups of devices from the “Jobs” tab on the left. After creating a job, select the device(s) to apply it to, and the recurring schedule if needed.

    Admins can also now add WiFi SSID info to devices.

    ❖ ❖ ❖
    Classroom and Display
    Recently we’ve been devoting more effort to improvements on our side such as back-end updates, maintenance, and making our processes more reliable for you.

    ❖ ❖ ❖

    That’s it for this month – check back later for some cool new features coming in May!