• Before this version, I forgot which one...the teacher can view student's tab, what tab or website the student is watching. But now only status that student is not paying attention.

    Is this feature will available again in the future?

    And is there any plan to update student can use their camera to communicate with teacher in dashboard tab?

  • @hmartinus77-gmail-com Hello Merman,
    I am the PM of myViewboard Classroom and thanks for letting us know about your situation. I can understand that it’s frustrating that you can't find the feature that you’ve come to rely on like that. So I am here to help you.

    In the current version of Classroom, we are offering two ways to check student's work, here’s what you can do:

    1. Teacher/Huddle overview: You can click the Teacher icon d5815c78-99e9-4f21-8133-a339b3ac1f6a-image.png on the left (above) opens the Huddle overview.

    2. Dashboard- Flip huddle card: You can click 5386a8be-21de-4679-a492-826ed6b8836b-image.png on the top right corner of the huddle card, you can flip the card between student list and canvas view.

    If any of those steps are unclear, let me know, and I’m happy to explain further. Also, you can find out more about our product’s feature details in our Wiki.

    Regarding Student's video showing on the Dashboard, we have put it into the product backlog and we are currently working on big enhancements that will be helpful for the majority of teachers, and you'll see those rolling out soon. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us! We always appreciate feedback and suggestions.