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    This month is your last chance to claim a free year of myViewBoard Premium – learn how here.

    Whiteboard for Windows
    Whiteboard now supports Malay and Thai languages! We’ve also added German support to the Live Captions feature, which displays on-screen captions in real time to help with presentations. So selamat datang, ยินดีต้อนรับ, and herzlich willkommen to the myViewBoard family!

    Other improvements:

    Draw over your camera feed: Open a webcam, USB camera, or virtual camera by clicking Magic Box > Camera. The pen tool is now available to doodle and annotate as you please over the video feed.
    QR codes for session interaction: your session QR code (displayed after clicking the name in the top left) can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas. This can be useful to allow your audience to send files by Throw or participate in quizzes, and display your presentation content at the same time.
    QR codes for sharing your session as a file: you can now right click the shortened URL to copy it to your device clipboard, and paste as text. Sharing your session as a QR code first saves a copy to your linked cloud storage and then generates a QR code that directs to the file – read more about this on our wiki.
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    We’ve also made several minor improvements to the user interface, and fixed bugs relating to exporting IWB files and background color issues.

    Whiteboard for Android
    Auto timeout warning: we listened, and agree that no one likes to be auto-logged out without warning. So we added a pop up warning with audio and visual queues to alert users before the auto logout time is reached – just click or tap the screen to cancel logout and extend your session. You can always extend or disable the auto logout feature in the FollowMe settings of your account on myviewboard.com.

    Whiteboard for Android now warns users before auto logout
    Whiteboard for Android now warns users before auto logout
    The eraser is now easier to use: simply tap the eraser icon once for standard eraser, or select one of the pop-up icons for lasso and delete all functions. This modification reduces the number of clicks/taps to select different eraser types.

    We’ve also fixed some pesky bugs, including saving issues on certain devices.

    Whiteboard Online
    Improvements this month include:

    More options under the Shapes tool, such as grids and tables, and various arrow lines.
    YouTube short URLs can be added as video objects, from Magic Box > Webpage.
    Improved user interface for recording sessions.
    Fixed bugs involving Magic Box and Chat UI.
    Added more Chinese fonts.
    What are the differences between Whiteboard versions? Whiteboard for Windows is our most feature-rich version, Whiteboard for Android comes preinstalled on all ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPs, and the online version is fully browser-based. All versions of Whiteboard are free, with some advanced features requiring a subscription. You can read more about the differences here.


    Set a discussion timer of up to an hour
    Breakout discussions: this new feature acts as a breakout discussion in groups. The teacher can start huddle discussions from the dashboard, including setting a discussion timer after which the students will be brought back to the teacher’s canvas. The teacher can also enter each huddle discussion to participate in the discussion, and extend the timer on the fly.

    Require guests to sign in: toggle this option from the Classroom settings to require students to sign in to either myViewBoard or the appropriate Google Classroom class before joining the session.

    In case you missed it: myViewBoard Classroom can connect to Google Classroom. First make sure the Google Classroom account is bound to your account in FollowMe settings. Then, in Classroom, go to Settings > Cloud Integrations > Google Classroom. Binding a class will share an invite link directly to that Google Classroom class.

    Draw tables and grids: Classroom now supports up to 20×20 grids and tables. These can be added by clicking the Shapes icon in the main toolbar. Also now available are several straight line and right-angle lines, also from the Shapes menu.

    Classroom new feature in Shapes menu: grids, tables, and lines
    Classroom new features include tables and new lines, available from the Shapes menu
    Other improvements:

    Support for YouTube short URLs to be added as video objects onto the canvas, from Magic Box > Webpage.
    Better UI for recording sessions.
    Fixed bugs involving Magic Box and Chat UI.
    Added more Chinese fonts.

    Clips is a powerful video assisted learning platform, with curated educational videos and lesson plans. Read more here: myViewBoard Clips overview.

    Share quizzes with teachers in the same school/entity: teachers can now share their quizzes to other teachers registered to the same entity (using the same email domain). This complements the existing share playlist feature to help teachers work more collaboratively, saving time on lesson preparation in the process.

    Share videos, lesson plans, and now quizzes in Clips
    Share videos, lesson plans, and now quizzes in Clips to teachers in your organization

    More ways to enroll devices: IT admins can enroll devices to their entity using its serial number. This works for individual devices or batches of devices. Another option is to use the myViewBoard Companion App on a mobile device to scan a QR code on an IFP to register it to device manager.

    Other improvements:

    WPA2 Enterprise SSID is now supported.
    UI improvements such as new scrolling and loading indicators, warning message for assigning jobs to offline devices, and better notifications.

    Companion app
    The myViewBoard Companion app lets users interact with Whiteboard sessions, either as guests sharing files and participating in quizzes, or as the session host with remote control features. IT admins can use the Companion app for additional features.

    Improvements in June include:

    IT admins can use the QR code scanner function to enroll devices into their entity.
    Fixed issues with drawing.
    Fixed some language issues.

    Turn any display with internet access into a wireless display. Read more about how to turn display devices cable-free here.

    Display (Android version) now supports Google TV! In addition, both Windows and Android versions of Display have received several bug fixes relating to network issues and stability.

    myViewBoard Live
    myViewBoard Live is an easy way to live stream your Android device, such as a ViewSonic ViewBoard.


    Added support for Dutch and Swedish.
    Fixed issues relating to saving on certain IFPs.
    Back-end improvements.

    myViewBoard Record
    Record the screen including audio of your Android device, such as a ViewBoard IFP. Can be used together with Whiteboard for Android to record lessons and presentations.


    Added support for Dutch and Swedish.
    Fixed issues relating to saving on certain IFPs.
    Back-end improvements.

    Selamat datang to our Indonesian friends – the myViewBoard website now supports Indonesian!

    We’ve also improved our contact us page, and added more info for installing Whiteboard for Windows via MSI files (for IT admins – read here).