Using the myViewBoard Companion App as an Entity Admin

  • I've installed the Companion App successfully on my Android Smartphone.
    I'm the School's Entity Admin.
    I can access the QR code icon.

    I've then installed the Whiteboard app on my Android Smartphone.
    This opens with a message asking for me to Activate it.
    I click to confirm I'm an Entity Admin.

    I am then asked to scan the QR code on the screen, I thought, how can I do this as I need to close one App to open the other! So I took a screenshot and emailed it to myself so I could display it on my PC screen.

    I then did as it suggests and opened up the Companion App and scanned the code.
    It scans the QR code and fills in the Entity name and gives an Instance ID, I enter a Name and click submit and close, but I get an error: "Activation Failed"

    Any ideas?

  • Hi @ja-balcarras-gloucs-sch-uk
    Can you provide the account you used to activate the software?
    Thank you.