Unable to register Whiteboard on most of the devices in our school.

  • We recieved 55 ViewSonic boards recently to set up before the new school year. When trying to activate Whiteboard as an Entity Admin on many of the devices, I'm told on my phone that the activation was successful, but am met with a screen on the ViewSonic board that states the following:

    "The software has not been registered successfully. Please check your internet connection.
    Note: you can still use the whiteboard with limited features.

    This is showing up on an alarming amount of our boards, each one of which IS connected to the internet just fine, and able to access any other number of features. I've made sure they've been updated too but that does not seem to be the issue either.

    If anyone can give insight, that would be greatly appreciated, as many of the features offered by having this software activation go through are necessarry for our teachers.

  • @npollema-crownpointchristian-org

    Hi Noah,

    Noted and received your feedback. We've resolved this issue. Could you please try the activation again. Thank you for choosing myViewBoard Suite.