• I have many teachers who are trying to work on their boards. When they have created a presentation, the Android board is asking them to save the presentation as ".olf." This originally was save as ".iwb" which allowed teachers to access the created file through the folder and save under the same name when they make modifications. When working with the ".olf" teacher can open the ".iwb" by going through the magic box. They are unable to save with modification unless they rename the file which does not help. Why is this saving in a "Safe Mode" when it originally did not have this popup? How can we get back to saving in ".iwb" and accessing through the folder rather than through the magic box?

  • @jshreve-nomeschools-org Hello Jennifer. I'm sorry for the delay in a response. .olf stands for open learning format. This is a new format that will allow your teachers to use this format with other versions of the MyViewBoard suite whiteboard software. Currently, when saving, the progra will ask if you'd still like to save as an .iwb file, as well, while the format is being rolled out. This will allow the teacher a back-up file, if there were any with conversion issues with the file. Eventually the .olf format will be standard across all versions of the whiteboard software. The teachers, in time should not have to worry about the device version they are using and just be able to open the file anywhere at anytime. Could be Windows, android, chrome, web versions. If we can help you with any other questions, please, let us know. What district do you work for? We'd be happy to have one of our education specialist help you. Kindest regards. Karen.Casavant@viewsonic.com, RBM Ed New England USA

  • Thank you @karen-casavant-viewsonic-com

    Hi @jshreve-nomeschools-org Thank you for using myViewBoard Whiteboard. I am the product manager of myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android and myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows.

    The .olf file format is a new file format which can help you use the same file in both myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android and Whiteboard for Windows easily. It is better than the original .iwb which can only be used on the same platform. Soon, it will be able to be used on all platforms of myViewBoard Whiteboard!

    In addition, in order to provide a better experience, all files on myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android and Whiteboard for Windows can be saved as .olf only. However, you can export it as .iwb as usual.

    Moreover, about the "Safe Mode", it is a new feature which will just show up for a few months to keep your files safe. We will have a better and safer way to keep your files safe soon. At that time, we will remove the "Safe Mode" feature.

    Last, I'd like to know what kind of popup you mentioned? Could you paste the screenshot here? Thank you so much.

    I look forward to hearing from you.