you have an ongoing classroom session now ERROR

  • Help, we have viewsonic boards in all our classrooms. Model VS17435. I have a couple teachers who are getting an error when accessing myviewboard online and selecting the whiteboard feature. We are running macs either Catalina or Big Sur. This is the error the are getting:
    You have an ongoing classroom session now. If you want to proceed with the new session, please click "OK", and then the previous session will be closed within a minute. Dont forget to invite the students to your new session.
    While I have waited WAY more than a minute, screen will not go away NOR does the whiteboard feature appear. I have cleared cache, different browser, restart. NOTHING??


  • @amcneal-rsu39-org
    Hello Angel,
    I am sorry that you encountered the issue on whiteboard online getting an error.

    When the error message shows, are you able to click "OK" to proceed? Are you able to access Classroom? If yes, please try the workaround that starts a classroom then ends a session. After doing that, you can try to access Whiteboard online again.

    Meanwhile, we will investigate this issue and fix it. I will keep you updated on this. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Kavi Lo

  • @amcneal-rsu39-org
    We've just released a hotfix (version 3.8.5) to solved this issue. Thank you for your reports on the issue! If you have further comments or suggestions, please let us know.