• Re: Myviewboard file management

    Hi- I have created a whiteboard presentation on my PC and wanted to pull it up with the whiteboard app on my viewsonic board using the app on there. (so not by casting or hdmi). When I save it on my pc it only gives me a couple of options of where I can save it. When I try to open files on my viewsonic whiteboard app it only gives me "local" drive and will not show my files. Also, yes my google drive is connected but when I save to google drive it saves as .olf and will not open on the viewsonic.

    Any help will be appreciated!

  • Hi Brittany:

    I am sorry for hearing that you are facing this issue. I like to ask the following questions:

    Where did you save the file in Whiteboard for Windows?
    Can you give me the complete file path?

    What is the version number of Whiteboard for Android you were using?
    Did you sign in Whiteboard for Android before trying to open the file?