Quality issue when saving boards in .olf format

  • We have a couple of ViewSonic whiteboards in our school. One of them has recently upgraded to the latest software version and now stores boards in OLF files instead of IWB. We notice a significant change in quality of the saved board content. See attached photos. Is there a way to change that?

    Original (saved as IWB)

    After saving as OLF and reloading it.

  • Hi @zimper-frank-waldorfschule-og-de Thank you for using myViewBoard Whiteboard.

    In order to help you, can you let me know below information:

    1. Do you use myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android?
    2. What IFP models (e.g. IFP 8650-3) you use?
    3. Do you use the same device to open the .iwb and .olf files?
    4. Can you check if the "Pen auto-smoothing" feature of Settings section is enable?

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.


  • @kaitlyn-peng-viewsonic-com Thanks for your quick reply.

    1. We use the version that came with the boards, so I assume it is myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android
    2. The model in question is an IFP 8650-3.
    3. Yes.
    4. it is enabled.


  • Hi @frankz Can you provide the app version number to me?
    You can see the app version below:

    In addition, can you share the file you used as well.
    Thank you.