• Hello. We are all new users for the viewboards at our school. My teachers are having an issue when they close the application. Every time the close the viewboard software on their desktop they are logged out. Every time they login and go through the steps to login with Google, but this takes away from class time when trying to teach. I have found a place in the follow me settings that says never sign out. I have set this for each teacher and they still continue to be signed out. Is there a solution for this?

  • Hi @brussell-pcsc-k12-in-us Thank you for using myViewBoard Whiteboard.
    I am the product manager of myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows.
    Allow me to introduce our products to you here:

    In order to keep your data/files safe, the Whiteboard will sign you out once you leave the software by clicking or tapping below icon in red:

    If you would like to keep the account signing in, you can't close the software. However, I would not suggest you to do that for security reason.

    In addition, In order to save the time to sign in whiteboard, I'd like to suggest you a faster way, using myViewBoard Companion App:

    You can use myViewBoard Companion App to scan the QR code below to sign in whiteboard. It will save you and teachers lots of time.

    Feel free to ask anything. We would be glad to help you.
    Thank you so much.

    My Best,

  • When you teach 7 classes a day and have to re-login with an app on your phone every single class period, that gets EXTREMELY frustrating. A solution would be to leave the whiteboard file up, however when you need more than one up at a time throughout the day, your only option is to close. As a teacher new to ViewBoard, this is very time-consuming when our previous interactive boards had default settings not requiring sign-in to access those settings. I've even gone so far as to just not sign in, but that problem leads to whiteboard closing out in the middle of my teaching. I know there are some amazing features with this program, but honestly right now I'm just trying to utilize the basic features, and based on my 2 weeks of use, I'm frustrated to say the least.