• When my teachers use certain applications on their desktop the Viewboard will not allow them to type. Is there a way to allow the viewboard's keyboard to work on the desktop or in a software program that is running?

    For example, a teacher uses Activinspire because she has special games that she already created with her viewboard. When she opens the games they all work fine, except the games where the students need to type. She has to type on her keyboard with the computer. Is there a way to allow the students to type in this application on the viewboard?

    I have attached a screen shot for reference.

  • The students are able to do any interacting with other software programs on the desktop that do not require typing.

  • Hi Brittney:

    I am sorry to tell you that this issue is not related to ViewBoard.

    It is a compatibility issue between the games and Windows.

    Somehow, when student clicked the text box, Windows did not bring up its virtual keyboard automatically.

    There is a workaround though. You can follow the instructions below to bring up the virtual keyboard manually.