• I have a ViewSonic board that uses Whiteboard for Windows. Previously, my created boards saved as .vboard (both on my ViewSonic device and on my laptop that also has Whiteboard for Windows software).

    I updated my ViewBoard software yesterday. Today, when I closed my vboard file, it prompted me to safe save, and then created a new .olf file.

    Do I need to re-open and save all of my content in the .olf file format? Is the .vboard format going away? Will I be able to delete those files once they have been converted to the .olf file format?

  • Hi Amanda:

    You do not need to open and save all your existing .vboard files to .olf files.

    myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows will be able to open and import both file formats.

    However, .olf (Open Learning Format) will be the main stream file format cross all myViewBoard products in the future. Currently, myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android support .olf files. myViewBoard Classroom will also support .olf in the future.

    You can delete any .vboard file, after you save it into .olf file.