• You tell me what ports to open to webRTC servers but what addresses are the webRTC servers?
    Also connectivity test gives yellow on reflexive connectivity. What does that mean I need to do?

  • @ghalbedel
    Hi ,

    May I ask are you using Display caster or Classroom's video conference funciton? Because the answer will depend on the funciton you use.

    1. If you are using Classroom's video conference feature, then the IP address of WebRTC servers would be as following. You may consider to set this ip list to your network gear's whitelist.
    us -
    eu -
    singapore -
    Taiwan -
    port range: 49152 ~ 52000 UDP
    1. For Display caster function, the caster will normally (usually a laptop with browser) connect to MyViewboard TV Panel to share the screen.
      The whitelist is
    ice.myviewboard.cloud port 3478 UDP
    1. For the Connectivity test, it is okay to see a yellow color. It means not all connection options are avaliable, WebRTC client can still find a way to connect to server. However, that page is only used for testing caster.

    2. Also, we would like to know more about about the environment or equipment you use now. For example:

    • What product you are using and meet this issue?
    • What equipment you use now? - like a Window 10 PC with chrome brower?
    • What is your network environment? - Is it a high speed network in a comany or a network at home?
    1. Also, you can find more information here ->