Can not sharing iOS screen via AirPlay (Screen Mirroring) to ViewBoard

  • Hi everyone,

    My team faced a problem as follows iOS users use AirPlay to mirror their device screen to ViewBoard, they cannot be shared as well or the signal will be interrupted. Everything is working fine when sharing via vCastSender but it appears when using AirPlay. After a few tests we found out these problems appeared on:

    • iOS version: 14.1 | 14.4 | 14.8
    • vCastReceiver for Android v.2.2.824

    Is there any solutions for this problem? It appears quite often after myViewBoard's October update. And I think the problem is related to Firewall whitelist in Entity Management.

    All your solutions are valuable to us, please leave your solution below.
    Thank you so much 😊

  • Hi Viet:

    I will forward ViewBoard Cast related issue to the co-responding personnel. However, I think the issue is not caused by new myViewBoard firewall whitelist, because AirPlay is a LAN based screen sharing solution. It does not go through Internet to share screen.

  • Oh, thank you @frank-chu-viewsonic-com

    These issues take a huge portion of my reports. Looking forward to hear a good news and a concrete solution to this problem from ViewSonic

  • Hi Viet:

    Can you provide a recorded video about this issue?

    We are having hard time to reproduce the issue now.

    Thank you.