Open a second instance of Whiteboard software

  • Hi there,
    there are serveral times a second whiteboard would be helpful, for example: I have designed some pages for one class, which I also want to use for another. In other digital board softwares (smart notebook for examlple), I simply open another instance of the software and dragg or copy the relevant pages into a new or existing file and thus importing the pages to the second file. I know I can import some pages via the magic box, but I find it pretty clunky.

    Is there a way to open a second instance of the software? (The standard feature in Windows to open it with shift-hold is not working.)


  • Hi @vonbargen thank you for using myViewBoard and for the great suggestion.
    We hear what you want and would like to use it for future improvement.

    Stay tune. Thanks again.

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  • @vonbargen I just started using viewboard after many years with smart notebook and wondered the same thing!!! Hope they get it fixed!
    How do you import a page to magic box as you mentioned?

  • Hi @jkoerlin Allow me to join this tread:
    If you are using myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows, you can import a whole file via "Import" of "Magic box".

    If you are using myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android, you can select some pages of a file to import via "Import" of "Magic box".

    Below is the supported filetype list related to "Import" functionality:

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