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  • Hey! My name is Bari Gersten and I am a trainer for ViewSonic. I live at the shore in NJ. I have a ViewBoard at home and like to collaborate with teachers from my home office. I love getting feedback from my students while I teach through activities like Throw and PopQUiz.

  • Hello my name is Keith Stone. I am in Henderson, KY and I am actually a Computer Maintenance Technician for my school district. I am doing this training to familiarize myself better with Viewboards and their software so I can provide better service to the teachers should they have questions. I am working up to be a trainer.

    We just bought about 500 Viewboards to replace all our Interactive Whiteboards we had.

    Whireboard is a pretty awesome tool to have in the classroom setting. It allows the teachers an easier interface than the prior system we were using. It is awesome technology!

  • Hello, I am less than 18 years old, but I am good at teaching, especially children, and I have contributed to the success and understanding of many. I also hope here to teach children and help them understand.

  • @dan-sharpe-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com

    Hello! I am from Vero Beach, FL and work as a Digital Integration Specialist for Indian River Schools. I currently do not have a ViewBoard, but one of our high school teachers just received as a trial. I am SUPER excited for her to have this board because it is AMAZING. I love the interactivity and engagement it will bring to our students.