• Hi! I'm Frauline and I am a 6th Grade teacher in Hopkins, KY. I have attended the basic and advanced training for the ViewBoard, and I will be in a team to do a PD on this wonderful app and gadget for my colleagues.

  • Hello, my name is Jackie and I am a Virtual Tech Assistant for my organization in Canada. My role includes research, development and training of staff on new software. We have recently purchased several ViewBoards, and I am familiarizing myself with the software. I love the ViewBoard Classroom as it is useful in Hybrid Learning. It has amazing features and the Originals content is excellent, easy to use and very organized. I am excited to take the training and become certified.

    1. I'm from Washington State. I currently teach first grade in the Hoquiam School District. This fall I will begin my 9th year teaching, all in first grade.

    2. Our district just bought ViewBoards for us to use next year. Right after school ended, we received our shipment, so we are still waiting for them to be set up. Since our boards will be on wheels, it will move around my classroom as I need it.

    3. I am excited to see my kiddos use it as an interactive tool for learning. I'm excited to see my kiddos build an understanding of technology for learning and not see it as just a means to play.

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    1. I teach high school science in South Dakota.
    2. I have had a ViewBoard for one year. It is mounted on the wall in the front of my classroom.
    3. I like the interactive features and presentation options.

  • @dan-sharpe-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com said in Introductions!:

    Where are you from and what do you do?
    Do you have a ViewBoard? If so where did you put it on your classroom/office?
    What about myViewBoard Whiteboard gets you most excited?

    Dan, Thank you for this opportunity. Did you know you misspelled the word new. You said knew.

  • Where are you from and what do you do? I am a teacher of Social Studies (for 29 years) in Phoenix, Arizona. I just got a ViewBoard and it is in the front center of the classroom. I am most excited about learning new ways to use this device so see how it is different than a SmartBoard. I find lots of uses for Math, Science and Elementary school. But not much for High School Social Studies. Where can I find ideas for High School?

  • Hi all,

    My name is Ben Moore, I am a Technology Support Officer at a large Multi Academy Trust in the UK.

    I am the lead for ViewSonic installation, set ups and training for our trust. I am an ex ICT teacher, I had a ViewSonic board in my classroom. I love multiple features of the myViewboard Whiteboard. I think I love the companion app the most. I love the ability to use the laser pointer, clicker features as well as taking photos and sending them straight to the screen. This not only saves teachers the need to carry an additional laser pointer / clicker when they can utilise their phones that are already in their pockets.

  • Hi Ben:

    Thank you for using myViewBoard Whiteboard and myViewBoard Companion app during teaching classes.

    About the laser point feature, do you accept the response time and the accuracy?

  • Hi! I'm Jayme, an elementary AIS provider in Plattsburgh, New York. I am so excited to introduce my students to this new tech!!

  • Hello, I am a new user to viewsonic whiteboard My Viewboard World!