• I am from Albertville, Alabama, and teach at Albertville Middle School with the Albertville City School System. I do have a Viewboard, and it is in the middle of my whiteboard with my desk stationed around it. I can interact with my students and have a more hands-on approach to learning.

  • @robertstinson Hey! Its awesome to see an administrator getting trained on the viewsonics!

  • @bari-gersten-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com Hello Bari, I want to become your new best friend as I learn the ends and outs of the Viewboard.

  • Hello Everyone,
    My name is Kristyn and I am from Box Elder, SD. I am a K-3 Library Media Specialist. I do have a ViewBoard in my room and all of our teachers have one as well. My board moves with me between Library lessons and technology lessons which I love! I love the options and flexibility of the board. We are VERY new to using these boards and I want to get the most out of my board as well as wanting that for our staff so that is why I am taking these courses!

  • @dan-sharpe-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com Good afternoon from Savannah. Looking forward to using this a virtual student collaboration tool!

  • Hey Everyone!

    I'm from Wisconsin and I am a former science teacher turned technology integration coach.
    Our district has installed ViewBoards in all of our 6-12 classrooms. I support one of our two high school buildings.
    I love all of the quick and easy features that can enhance a lesson and allow teachers to make it engaging. I also love that lessons can be planned from any android device as well.

  • Hello, My name is Alex From LaSalle, IL. I teach at a Catholic Grade School (K - 8). I teach Lit/ELA. Our school recently purchased a total of 4 boards with the hope of getting more. I am still in the process of learning all the things they can do but I am anxious to learn what I don't yet know.

  • @dan-sharpe-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com Hi, I am LJ from Saskatchewan and I work as a trainer. We recently installed a number of boards on different campuses in training spaces and some classrooms. We are excited about all the interesting and dynamic features.

  • Hi Everyone!
    My name is Sarah Curtin and I am a Digital Learning Specialist in NH. Our district is purchasing ViewBoards for our elementary schools to replace our dying Promethean Boards. I am excited to learn about the capability of the board in the elementary classroom. Right now, I am excited about the picture quality!

  • Hello! My name is Kevin Wolfe-Hughes. I am a new tech trainer for my school. I had a ViewBoard when I taught in the classroom. We currently have ViewBoards in each of our classrooms. I'm interested in learning more about all the features of the ViewBoard. I plan on designing training sessions to help our teachers to take advantage of all the features of the Boards.

  • Hello! My name is Brittney Winston. I do have a viewboard in my classroom. Iā€™m excited to implement the tools and features of the viewboard in my classroom.

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  • My name is Martha Thomas, and I'm the Technology Curriculum Specialist for Tulare City School District. We are just getting started with myViewBoard and we have a demo unit and a few pilot classrooms. I'm excited about throwing student work to the board with a much simpler workflow.

  • Hello All!
    We had a training with the amazing Bari today in North Syracuse, NY. I am an NSCSD Instructional Coach for Technology Integration. The new resources are well organized. We look forward to learning more.

    We have ViewBoards in a variety of district schools from PK to HS! Love the widgets!

    Shannon Knapp

  • Hi! My name is Ericka Boesch. I am a Reading Specialist in Westerville, Ohio and I work with students in grades K-3rd. Our district is in the process of purchasing ViewBoards and I am one of the lucky ones to have gotten one in my classroom over the summer. Now I just need to learn how to use it! šŸ™‚ I have some past experience with SmartBoards so I am excited to see how I can use this with my students!!

  • My Name is Brandie and I am a High School Social studies teacher in Calgary. Excited to see what this software can do to keep students engaged and excited.

  • Hello! My name is Kristen McCarty and I live in Central Pennsylvania. I just got my ViewBoard a view weeks ago and I am learning how to use it. Right now it is in the front of my classroom, as my classroom is pretty small. I am excited about all the different possibilities available to learn about and use int eh classroom.