Keep using your old stuff or start from scratch?

  • What do you think? Should we keep using the same content over and over again or should be start over ever year? Maybe there's an in between? Share with us your best practices for re-using content that's already been created while updating it to keep things relevant.

  • It isn't easy staring at a blank canvas to build a new lesson so I always use older files to inspire me. I open an older Google Slides and then add new pages with manipulatives, graphic organizers, and some new fresh videos. My students love when I play music videos that explain things like the water cycle.

  • If it is content that you use with every lesson then I say re-use. But there are times that new content needs to be created.

  • Regardless of the platform I'm using, after that lesson/content is taught for the day, I ask myself, "if I were to teach this lesson again tomorrow using the same resource, what would I change or add?" Then, I take the time to make those updates while the lesson is fresh in my head.

    Then, when I come back to that lesson's resource the following year, those updates are waiting for me. And, I can also always update throughout the year if new relevant resources or ideas come my way.

  • @dan-sharpe-gedu-demo-viewsonic-com I think it depends on the lesson/content. I think keeping a template is a great idea, but then updating it depending on the class/students. So, not recreating the wheel, but tweaking it to make it a better wheel.

  • When I switched positions about a year ago, this is how I explained it to the teacher who was replacing me:

    My lessons are always evolving and I've never taught a class the exact same way twice. There are many factors that go into this decision but some of them are:

    1- Unique student needs
    2 - Improving student engagement
    3 - Implementing new ideas
    4 - Editing things that aren't working

    With that being said, I always start with what I've done in the past and use that as a base (unless the curriculum has changed).