• I just got my view sonic and am trying to learn all about it and design my own lessons. I very proficient with smart notebook and am trying to find this to be as user friendly.
    Two main questions:

    1. Can you lock a background so it does not move and change size?
    2. Are there premade games (interactive activities) that you can use your own content with for example to sort items or play memory, etc. That was the best part of smart notebook. I've just been making separate boxes to sort but it is not as fun.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hi @jkoerlin Thank you for using myViewBoard Whiteboard.

    I am the Product Manager of myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows and myViewBoard Whiteboard for Android. I really appreciate your feedback.

    Allow me to reply your questions below:

    1. When you use a background image of "Background management" at the bottom left of the canvas, the background image will not be moved and be changed size. However, it can't be locked neither.

    If you would like to "lock" an image, you can use import an image from "Magic Box". However, if you set the image to be as background through "Adorning menu", it will not be moved, changed size or locked.

    1. It looks like you are using myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows. May I know what kind of games you meant? Most games can use your own content.

    Feel free to let me know if you need any further information.

    My Best,

  • @kaitlyn-peng-viewsonic-com If you see the attached video it shows different interactive games that were built into Smart notebook. Are there similar built in games available on View board software?


  • I am eager to hear the answer to question number 2. I created many games for my students with the lesson activities in smart notebook. The my view board originals are great, but I have not found a way to create similar activities myself. Is there something similar?