• Hello! I'm really struggling with my new ViewSonic board. I spend a great deal of time creating a lesson at home via MyViewBoard's whiteboard. It saved the file as .qb. I also tried converting them using the "File Conversion Request" and it converted them to .olf format. However, there seems to be a disconnect. I cannot open the .olf files on the online version, and I can't see any of the files (.olf or .qb) on my ViewSonic board. HELP! I have all of my files in Google Drive but they just don't look the same in the online version (more files are visible) versus the ViewSonic (very few files visible, if any). Any ideas? ViewSonic Board.jpg Online Whiteboard.png

  • @klydy-ysschools-org Hello Kevin,
    I am the PM of myViewboard Classroom, and I am sorry that you encountered the issue that you can't find your files on our products.

    The .qb is a specific file format only supported by Classroom/Whiteboard online. Therefore, you can't open this file via our whiteboard for Windows or Whiteboard for Andriod.
    The .olf is now supported by our Whiteboard for windows and Whiteboard for Andriod. Our whiteboard online and Classroom are working on supporting this file format oncoming release.
    Stay tuned with us.

    Regarding your query on the view of a cloud drive, it is because we don't filter unsupported files. It will all list on the grid view/list view on our online version.

    Again, thank you for letting us know your concerns and questions. If you have further questions, we would be more than willing to provide comments and assistance.

    Best wishes,
    Kavi Lo

  • @kavi-lo-myviewboard-com Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to covert the .qb file created in the online version? I would like to covert it to .olf format, but I don't believe that my Whiteboard for Android will even open those files. You mentioned that .olf is now supported by Whiteboard for Android, but I have several .olf files that were converted via the "File Conversion Request" but I am unable to open them on my ViewSonic board. Is there a specific way to open them up? In the first screenshot here, Screenshot 2021-12-03 8.55.51 AM.png you can see the two .olf files in my Google Drive. In the second screenshot here Screenshot 2021-12-03 8.56.29 AM.png notice that I cannot see them on my ViewBoard. Why can't I see even the .olf files if that's the supported file format? Can I only create lessons on my ViewSonic board? It seems very counterproductive because I cannot bring my giant board home with me to work. Hoping to be able to figure this out by Monday when I being lessons using this.

  • @klydy-ysschools-org
    Hi Kevin,
     We will release a new version that will support the .olf file on Classroom in the Middle of December. Unfortunately, we don't have any way to covert the .qb file to olf now. The "File Conversion Request" supports the following formats: .flipchart, .notebook, . enb.
    The file is named "Sorting.notebook.olf", is that converted by File Conversion Request? If so, what's its original file extension?

    You can install myViewBoard for Windows on your laptop/PC, and you can get it via: https://dl.myviewboard.com/latest?64&1638752487970
    So, you can create your lessons at home or anywhere and save them to your storage drive, and you can use it in your classroom.

    I hope this helps to answer your concern. Thank you again.

    Best regards,

  • @kavi-lo-myviewboard-com Thanks for the reply. The original file extension for the "Sorting.notebook.olf" was .notebook. It was a SMARTBoard file that I created years ago. Unfortunately, I do not have a Windows computer. I have a Chromebook at school and a Mac at home. I don't believe clicking on the Windows icon would help me at home on my Mac, will it?

  • @klydy-ysschools-org

    To clarify your current issue, we would like to know which version were you using. Could you please send us the vboard file and screenshot of instance ID which can be located by clicking the Gear icon on the top right and clicking "i" icon and then sending it to customersuccess@service.myviewboard.com or paste here?
    (Please send this screenshot to us)

    And, could you please try to rename "Sorting.notebook.olf to Sorting_notebook.olf" and see if that works on your IFP?

    At last, the windows icon is the apk download link for the Windows device, not mac. But the good news is you can find our application on the Google play store, so you can still download and install it on your Chromebook and you can use it at home.

    Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. We will keep working with you until it's resolved.


  • Hello, I'm also at Yellow Springs and struggling to understand the functionality and purpose of the myWhiteboard on my computer. I can create whatever I want, but only have the option to save it as a .qb or .pdf. When accessed from Google Drive, .qb will not do anything on the board. Using a resulting .pdf does not really justify the cost of having the board. What are we missing?
    alt text

  • @mgerberick Thanks for your feedback. As I mentioned in the previous comment, the .qb file is only supported by myViewBoard Classroom and Whiteboard online.
    So you cannot access .qb file via Whiteboard for Windows or Whiteboard for Andriod. However, once our new file format .olf is ready for myViewBoard Classroom and Whiteboard online, you can access files across myViewBoard whiteboard products.

    If you create your content on Classroom/Whiteboard online, you can save the .qb to Classroom. In addition, you can have two ways to add the .qb file onto canvas.

    1. Open the .qb file from File management.

    2. Import the .qb file from Magic Box


    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Kavi Lo