Using whiteboard in classroom not distance learning

  • I am still getting familiar with everything that the MyViewBoard has to offer but there is one question that I cannot find any answers to online.

    I am teaching in a classroom with my students present. In preparing for a lesson, how can I design and build the lesson using my computer and then use this lesson on the whiteboard? I have tried using different apps, I have tried saving the file to a thumb drive and opening it on the whiteboard but nothing is working.

    Could someone please point me in the right direction?

  • @ccalloway

    Thank you for the feedback. If you prepare your lesson on the Whiteboard app, you can save it onto cloud drive or local drive. If you prepare the lesson with other applications, please make sure the file format is supported as the below table. You to import any support files from Magic box onto your canvas on Whiteboard.

    You can find "Save" or "Save As" functionality on the wiki page below:

    More, you can also refer to how to bind my cloud drive:

    I am interested in your feedback on this update.

    Best regards,