• I am wondering if it is possible to update the Android version on my ITP6550 panels. I also want to update the Chromium in the Android version of the boards / panels

  • Dear Kevin, please go to ViewBoard setting page on your IFP6550 to check if new firmware update. Thank you very much.

  • @binson-hsieh-viewsonic-com I followed the instructions but it says the firmware is up to date. However, the new Viewboard we have are on Android 8.0. We just want to update the Android Player to be able to use software app compatible with a newer version.

  • @odonnell-belmar-k12-nj-us It doesn't seem like you ever got a real answer from Viewsonic. We also cannot update the Chromium browser and this is after the Viewsonic firmware update on new TVs.

  • @tyler-gardner I just asked support the same question and waiting to hear back from them. We just deployed these devices last year and I was surprise when I was troubleshooting them today and noticed that the Android version installed has not been supported since 2017!!

  • @davisri Well, I just heard back from ViewSonic support. It is not possible to upgrade the Android version on these devices. I find it hard to believe that devices when have had less than a year only support a five year old operating system.

    I guess I should be glad that we added a ChromeBox to all of our ViewSonic boards. It's unfortunate that we based our purchase on the demo of the myViewBoard apps and features. Of course we have fought with the wifi on these devices for almost a year now, so we haven't been able to utilize any of the built-in apps yet. Probably not even worth the ever to learn and train our users something new. We'll probably just rely on Google Classroom and other apps.