.olf Files not showing up in Google Drive on ViewBoard

  • I converted a couple of files from .notebook to .olf using the MyViewBoard conversion tool. I then downloaded them to my Google Drive. However, when I access my Google Drive via the magic box on my classroom's ViewSonic board, they are not showing up. It's as if the ViewSonic cannot read them; all I see are image and A/V files. The recent update promised that " "users can now use .olf files across myviewboard solutions." I don't find that to be the case.

  • Hi @klydy-ysschools-org Thank you for the feedback.

    May I know what kind of product you used?

    1. Whiteboard for Windows
    2. Whiteboard for Android (If you used this one, please also let me know what OS version it is)

    In addition, can you also provide below information:

    1. What app version you used?
    2. What folder you uploaded the file? Can you share a screenshot of the folder you saw?

    Thank you