• Hi, we bought viewboards for our entire school (9 boards right now) and looking to get for the whole division (~50 viewboards)

    However, we cannot get drag and drop functionality to work on websites. i.e., click and drag. It isn't working at all. I looked at the instructions manual and gestures, it says click and drag is accomplished by touching the screen and slowly moving. This works in my whiteboard but not on a browser, e.g. chromium or firefox for a website like coolmathgames or
    pearson mathology.

    Any insight?

  • Apologies,

    drag and drop works in Firefox and not Browser or Chromium. Apologies for the misinformation but hopefully this info helps somebody out there!

    You have to push Firefox to the boards from MyViewboard website and device manager.

  • Press and hold the object on the ViewBoard and slowly drag it with your finger to your desired location.
    crazy roll 3d