• Hi, I thought I remember having this ability in the past, but I may be mistaken.

    Is it possible to use the board notation on TOP of the background (of a cast or HDMI device) so that it can change and leave the annotations? Currently, when I start up the annotation tool, the background freezes. In order to see any changes of what is currently on the screen, I have to close the annotation tool (which loses all annotation marks).

    Basically, is to there a way to use the annotation tool similar to (or rather, exactly like) the way the tool works with Zoom.


  • The current design is to freeze the background and do annotations on top of the image. Thank you for the suggestion, we will think about how and whether to implement, and in the meanwhile, to keep optimizing the user experience.

  • Please please please implement that!

    Thank you for the quick reply.

  • It seems it flashes iptv.ini in config partition so it might be possible to change video/audio/network settings by modifying this firmware madalin stunt cars