• When using Pop Quiz, is there a way other than magnifying glass to see typed messages. We did a pop quiz and one kid typed the response using his phone. I couldn't see it even with the tool bar. If I could use a students response and enlarge it this would be great.. But I can't do that either..

    SUGGESTIONS? other than not using a phone. We are trying to sell the teachers on the fact they can have kids use their phones for good.. not always bad

  • Hi @jthorp-hoquiam-net thank you for the feedback.

    On Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android, we don't support to enlarge student's answer for now.

    However, we have arranged to improve it.

    Alternatively, there is a new product called "Whiteboard for iOS" is about to be released to App Store lately, which is compatible to be used on iOS and MacOS (only can be used in the device with M1 chip).

    On Whiteboard for iOS, you can enlarge the student answer, no matter it is a "text" or a "stroke". Just try it!
    We believe you will love it too!

    Thank you!