• Where are all the math tools for myWhiteboard?

    In the tutorial video, the magic box contains a section for math tools, and there should be many tools in there (around 10 that I saw on the video).

    But our math tools section only has a ruler, compass, and protractor. Where are the missing tools?

    And is there a way to add more functions to the whiteboard app? Thanks in advance for any hints!

  • Hi @fsmall
    In order to help you soon, can you let me know what product you used?

    1. Whiteboard for Android
    2. Whiteboard for Windows

    If you used Whiteboard for Android, you can only use a ruler, compass and protractor for now. Other features are under developing. Once they are ready, they will be released.

    If you used Whiteboard for Windows, you can use not only a rule, compass and protractor but also other math tools. Then, can you let me know if there is any error message showing up?

    Thank you.

  • @kaitlyn-peng-viewsonic-com It is whiteboard for Android. We are running the IFP 7550 I believe, only the build in android OS, doesn't have the build in Windows Desktop.

    As an alternative, vcast does support click and drag, etc from the viewboard to the connected device, but this has some latency issues and the click and drag doesnt always work in all programs.

    If there are any other alternative software or other workaround please let me know. Thanks!

  • Hi @fsmall thank you for the information.
    We will let you know if there is more alternatives.

    My Best,