• I work across multiple platforms (PC, Android, Online, Mac). I do like the online version (though a stand alone Mac version would be nice)to work at home as my Mac is my laptop, but the online version has a very tiresome lack of a feature. I use my Viewsonic board to put equations into my viewboard (*olf) files. When I open them up thru Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge the file show a broken symbol. This is highly inconvenient.

    There is also an issue with in the equation editor. It does not like to put parenthesis correctly around formulas, especially if the formulas have a exponent after. As a math teacher this tool is nice, but....

  • @brian-greenlaw-msad59-org

    Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience. Since some objects created by myViewboard for Windows are still not supported in the online version, we will show an unsupported object(Broken symbol) to indicate. We understand that it's not as convenient as you like, and I will put it on our roadmap and continually improve cross-product compatibility.

    Can you describe the equation editor in more detail or provide us the screenshots for the equation editor you mentioned? Is this also for Whiteboard online?

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    Kavi Lo

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    Here are the two most common issues I have with equation editor. 7129dd7f-9bae-45bc-bba4-b74b2ab76d86-image.png

    The first one is (sin x)^½ and the second is readable, but the parenthesis goes through the number. Both of these are for Myviewboard windows.

  • Hi @brian-greenlaw-msad59-org Thanks for the feedback.
    We will look into it to improvement it. Thanks again.

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